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Hex is the one stop shop in Edinburgh for fast smartphone repair. Whether your mobile has a cracked screen or the camera doesn’t work, we can help, and as we have most parts in stock, you can usually get your phone within 1-3 hours.


Everyone loves using an electronic tablet as they combine many of the features of a laptop but in a small, portable size. But tablets can be trickier to fix than laptops due to their small size and use of glue inside, so trust the experts at Hex to get the job done.


Having issues with your trusty laptop or PC can seem like the end of the world, but the skilled team of computer technicians at Hex can diagnose and remedy most computer problems. So computer problems are in the past with a free diagnosis from Hex.

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Hex’s mission is to deliver competitively priced, best of breed technological parts and services for mobile phones and computers in Edinburgh. By pairing cutting edge IT knowhow with innovative products, we can help individuals and businesses keep up to date with the latest technology on the market at pocket friendly prices.

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